Kruse® audio guide

This item appears on page 95 of the February 2009 issue.

Designed for self-drive travelers in New Zealand, the Kruse® audio guide includes more than 2,000 point-of-interest commentaries, among them Maori legends, suggestions for photo stops, information about flora and fauna and directions to sights such as fossilized whalebones.

The small device sits on a car’s dashboard and works with compatible FM radios. For car rentals of a week or more, the Kruse® costs NZ$10 (near US$6) per day, and for a 3- to 6-day rental it costs NZ$12.50 per day (minimum, 3-day rental).

Contact your car rental company or Kruse NZ, Ltd. (Box 26367, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand; phone +649 620 2607,