Universal power ‘brick’

This item appears on page 80 of the February 2009 issue.

If you travel with several electronic devices (camera, GPS, music player, phone, laptop, etc.), the Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit may come in handy for recharging. This single kit can replace several of those clunky AC/DC power-adaptor “bricks” (which go between the wall plug and the gadgets to be used or recharged) because it has output tips to fit many different devices.

Also, two power input cords are provided for connecting to the power source, one for using wall receptacles (North American-style plugs) and another for automobile or airline power sources.

The kit costs $195 and its carrying case measures 6"x7½"x1½". It’s available at retail and online electronics stores or from Tumi at www.tumi.com/electronics/ultra-slim-universal-power-adaptor-kit.