Guide in China

This item appears on page 36 of the May 2009 issue.
Guide Sándor Nagy. Photo: Irwin

When my wife, Margi, and I toured China’s Silk Road with Pacific Holidays in 2006 (Aug. ’07, pg. 59), our guide in Dunhuang was the informative Steven Kang, a very pleasant, thoughtful man, fun to be with. With a good command of English, he gave us great information about the historical significance of the sights in the area. Also, we would never have made it aboard the overnight train to Turpan without his personal assistance!

I recently found out that this entrepreneurial young man has started his own company, Dunhuang Dayu Travel Agency (Gansu province; phone/fax +86 937 8836533, mobile +86 13830745812, e-mail or Skype kjx197900). I sent him congratulations, adding congrats for the first birthday of his young son, and inquired about his rates. Examples follow.

A half day of his guide service in Dunhuang costs RMB200 (near $30) and a full day, RMB300. The cost of a car and driver plus Steven’s services to tour the Mogao Caves, Singing Sand Dunes and Crescent Moon Lake is RMB800 ($117). A day of touring Gade Gate Pass, the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty and the Western Thousand Buddha Caves is RMB1,500 ($219).

These prices do not include entrance fees, which are minimal. For example, a half day’s entry to the Mogao Caves (10 beautiful caves) costs RMB180 ($26). The entrance fee for the Western Thousand Buddha Caves is RMB35 ($5).


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