Lightweight walkie-talkies

This item appears on page 20 of the May 2009 issue.

While spending several weeks in Spain in March-May 2008, my husband, Duane, and I found walkie-talkies to come in very handy for keeping in touch when apart.

A last-minute decision that Duane thought of while packing, we purchased a set of professional, 22-channel, 2-way, voice-activated BellSouth Walkie Talkies (model 2276GY) at a Walgreens drugstore for only about $20.

Palm-size and lightweight, they use four AAA batteries and have a 5-mile range. We used rechargeable batteries and brought with us a small recharger, which we had to use a few times during the trip.

We did have a UK mobal phone but only one unit and used it mostly for necessary phone calls.


ANDERSON, Albertville, MN