Luggage tags

By Armond Noble
This item appears on page 84 of the June 2009 issue.
Luggage tags.
Luggage tags.

To the right are pictured (slightly reduced) Magellan’s “retriever tags.” You place your itinerary in the pouch and, with the furnished strap, attach it to the handle on your luggage.

I can personally attest to how useful these are. A few years ago, my luggage went astray between Vienna and Venice. For three days. Fortunately, as I often do, I had packed spare underwear, sox and a shirt in my carry-on.

The trip was on a ship (that had same-day laundry) in the Adriatic. (Croatia is great!) One day, because I’d written each stop of the ship on a sheet of paper and left it inside the pouch, my bag appeared.

The retriever tags are available from Magellan’s: 800/962-4943,

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