Poll on covering Mexico and the Caribbean

By Armond Noble
This item appears on page 84 of the August 2009 issue.

In response to consistent requests for expanded coverage in ITN, we asked our readers if they wanted the magazine to also cover Mexico and the Caribbean.

Here is a small sampling (in the order received) of the answers. Then follows the prizes awarded.

“I vote for expanded coverage” … “A NO! Love the mag” … “No, please do not” … “Please give Mexico and the Caribbean the space in ITN that they deserve” … “Yes! But I would hope that you would continue to cover information about off-the-beaten-track areas and items rather than the glossy Acapulco/St. Thomas stuff so many other publications cover” … “Please do NOT” … “There are wonderful, off-the-tourist-track destinations in both places, and I need the insights provided by ITN readers/travelers” … “We prefer that it not. It would delete precious space from the world coverage that we subscribe to ITN for” … “There are many wonderful places with lots of history, archaeology, mountains, oceans, etc., in Mexico” … “A resounding NO!” … “Please include Mexico and the Caribbean to a small extent” … “Keep ITN as it is” … “It would be a very positive improvement for ITN to cover Mexico and the Caribbean” … “I think it would be fantastic if ITN would include Mexico and the Caribbean” … “Granted, many other publications cover them but not from the same perspective from which ITN and its readers cover things. I like the personal aspect of your readers’ coverage” … “ITN should continue covering destinations outside of North America and the Caribbean” … “Much prefer for ITN to retain its present emphasis” … “Cover Mexico. Do not cover the Caribbean” … “Cover at least the Caribbean” … “I have always felt that it seems like ‘looking down one’s nose’ to suggest that traveling to Botswana or New Guinea is superior to visiting our neighbors. Also, I have found that these neighboring destinations are not covered by other publications with the same type of coverage that ITN provides” … “NO. I would not read such. They’re boring” … “Yes. Yes, Mexico. So many fascinating places there. I’ve been eight times and wish to discover more. Am going next March to see the monarch butterfly migration” … “Mexico is full of charming places, wonderful people and fascinating archaeological ruins” … “Continue to cover only destinations outside NA and the Caribbean” … “Stick to covering those destinations more exotic and farther afield” … “We have traveled to places in both areas and found them interesting, especially the people” … “Please keep ITN the way it is” … “Emphatically, NO!!” … “Mexico is a beautiful land that all adventuresome travelers should know and love” … “Even though Mexico and the Caribbean may be covered by other travel magazines, they are not covered in the way they would be in ITN. I really enjoy the candid assessments by other travelers that ITN provides” … “No. Don’t dilute your focus. ITN is the best source for overseas travel at a reasonable price.”

Well, after all the smoke cleared, here is how the vote came out. Expand coverage: 59.78%. Do not expand coverage: 40.21%.

The ayes have it. You voted. We listened. We thank all for voting.

After the tally, all e-mails were printed out and each sheet of paper was folded in half. Along with the letter entries, all were placed in a big cardboard box. At 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, June 20, 2009, we held a drawing of entries from the box, with the following results.

A 50-dollar gift certificate for Magellan’s travel supplies goes to Bruce Hardy of Palm Coast, FL. A 3-year ITN subscription extension was won by Cleo Reilly of Portland, OR. A 2-year ITN subscription extension goes to Carole Eastes, San Diego, CA. An ITN wristwatch (this is for when you go down the Amazon in a canoe and don’t want to wear your Rolex) was won by Louis Lasky of San Francisco, CA. A one-year ITN subscription extension goes to Joan Offerle of Austin, TX. Receiving our book “Best of Britain” is Evelyn Wiesner of Worthington, OH. And our book “Best of Italy” is being sent to Phyllis Tapscott of Indianapolis, IN. 

At the end of June, a survey will be sent to 1,000 subscribers. If you are one of the lucky ones, please fill out the survey and return it. Appreciated!