Campania artecard

This item appears on page 73 of the November 2009 issue.

Scabec (Centro Direzionale Isola E7, 80143 Napoli, Italy; phone +39 800 600 601, offers the “Campania artecard,” which allows entry to museums and attractions on one of four itineraries through the Bay of Naples. The cards are available in 3- and 7-day denominations.

Example — the 3-day “Vesuvius to Sorrento” card costs 30 ($42) and covers public transport and sightseeing buses in the Naples area and admission to and guided tours of Mt. Vesuvius National Park and the sites of Pompeii, Ercolano, Oplontis, Stabia and Boscoreale. The card also provides a 50% discount at 31 other sites in Naples.

The 7-day “Entire Bay” card, 37 ($51), includes sites on the “Vesuvius to Sorrento” route and more plus bus, metro and sightseeing in the Bay of Naples area.