Counts on travel agents

This item appears on page 52 of the November 2009 issue.

I agree 100% with Kent Shamblin’s letter about paying a small fee to have a professional travel agent book a trip (Sept. ’09, pg. 49).

I am a nurse but not an x-ray tech, so I don’t read my own mammograms; I hired a construction crew to put a new roof on my house, and I have a mechanic fix my car.

Using a travel agent means that I have a 24/7 emergency phone number, accessible worldwide, to be used if I miss a flight or have other travel problems or emergencies.

My agent, J.J. at Wings Travel (Santa Fe, NM; 505/471-1111), saves me a lot of time and money by knowing travel nuances that would not occur to me.

I have a friend who spent months on the Internet arranging apartments, local travel, car hires, etc., for a trip to France. She was so burned out and exhausted before her trip that she has not left the country since.

I know some people enjoy arranging their own trips, but they may be happily surprised at the expert and money-saving services that professional travel agents can provide.


Santa Fe, NM