Traveling in Costa Rica

This item appears on page 53 of the November 2009 issue.

The Costa Rica tour a subscriber wrote about in the September ’09 issue (page 20) seems to offer good value for the money, but she did err in one matter.

She probably didn’t realize that a boat is not the only way to get to Tortuguero National Park. True, there are no roads, but there is a small airstrip. While I haven’t taken the plane, I have friends who have; there is service every day from San José. My companion and I actually walked the airstrip when we were turtle hunting.

We were in Costa Rica again in January-February ’08, and we’ve planned another 18-day trip for October-November ’09. In 2005 ITN printed my article about a Costa Rica timeshare exchange (Aug. ’05, pg. 80).

For this coming trip, instead of using a local Costa Rica agency, I am planning it, myself, with a car rental because there are a couple places we want to go where the only way is by car after taking the ferry. We always try to go to a new location as well as see our old favorites, and this time we won’t be able to get to a couple places just using the Interbus.

We find the October-November time frame better even if it might rain some. It’s less crowded, not as expensive and doesn’t have the hot/humid weather as in January-February.


Stockton, CA