Where Were You in 2010

By Armond Noble
This item appears on page 77 of the May 2011 issue.

The Wheel of Fortune. ’Round and ’round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows. Here are the winners of our “Where Were You in 2010?” game. But, first, I digress — in the spirit of the moment, however.

I remember being in the famed Casino at Monte Carlo, Monaco. The roulette tables were overflowing and then I saw a sign saying, “The American Room.” Curiosity captured me and I went off to see what this “American Room” was. I peered in. All slot machines. Ugh!

Last month in this space, I listed, in order of popularity based on the numbers of visits, the destinations that were favored by ITN readers last year. I do this, as it may be a guide to where you might like to travel to next, a, for you, yet-undiscovered land.

Now here are the winners! Jim Hendrickson, Lynden, WA (a three-year ITN subscription extension); Carolyn Jones, Modesto, CA (a $50 gift certificate at Magellan’s Travel Supplies); Allan Hodgson, St. Louis, MO (an ITN wristwatch: this is the watch you want to wear when you climb Mt, Kilimanjaro; that way, if you fall down, it won’t be a Rolex that you smash); Femi Faminu, Los Angeles, CA (a two-year ITN subscription extension); Arne Pedersen, Little Silver, NJ (a one-year ITN subscription); Anne Jeffries, Centennial, CO (a six-month ITN subscription extension — equivalent to $12); Chuck Bingley, Richmond, VA (the ITN book “Best of Britain”); Judith Pfaffenberger, Toledo, OH (Jumbo Prize: for any and all of the ITN travel award certificates, no charge, ever. Plus a one-year ITN subscription to give as a gift. We send a gift card notice. At Christmas, look like a big-time spender).

Round Two! Beverly and Harold Griffith, Glendora, CA (three-year ITN subscription); Linda Cates, Nelson, NH (a $50 gift certificate at Magellan’s Travel Supplies); Marilyn Woefl, Harrisburg, PA (a two-year ITN subscription); Larry Flinner, Cincinnati, OH (an ITN wristwatch, for wearing when canoeing down the Amazon); Nanci Alexander, Lexington, KY (a one-year ITN subscription)... Oh, this all makes me feel like I’m Santa Claus!

And, now, 100 winners of a two-month addition to each of their ITN subscriptions (in no particular order and, to save space, with cities not mentioned): Terence Cummings, Jo Fine, Dan Kemper, Colleen Simon, Neil Johnson, Janet Leonard, Susan Tittle, Barbara Barrett, Fern Malila, Theresa Egan, Sandra Glass, Priscilla Long, Linda Kolb. Thomasine Elefant, Susan Fletcher, Phyllis Mueller, Carla Fisher, Madeline Grant, Jo Rawlins Gilbert, Cayo Marschner, Rhoda Ratner, Jamie Goodbinder, Jim Williams, Mildred Hill, Dorothy Morris, Gary Mockli, Pat Munroe, Linda Connors, Carl Amundsen, Ruth Lier, Paul Wheeler, Dorothy Olim, John Melton, Judy Burr, Wayne Harrison, R.M. Quillin, Norman Leaper, Patricia Minami, Ann Boyle, Julie Cassen, Kathleen Vieth, W.E. Smith, Kenneth Levine, Ed Zander, Barbara Glover, Sandra Loebs, Fred Steinberg, Tony Oldfield, John Scherrer, Robert Daehler, Doug Barnett, Dale Roberts, Rosemary Stafford, Everett Angell, Hanna Wishni, Betty and Dick Podol, Joe Hochl, Gary Spinks, Jamie Osborne, Theresa Egan, Peggy Kiefer, Shirlianne Olsen, Margo Wilson, Barbara McIntosh, David Werts, Greg Mannion, Nancy Dray, Margaret Zimmerman, Diana Butler, Judy Spielman, Gail Wang, Dorothy White, Bonnie Noll, Sherry Pai, Clare Moelk, Elizabeth Bazany, Sidney Mellinger, Lynda Watson, Susan Rosenzweig, Andrea Jones, Duane Anderson, Esther Perica, Loraine Stroman-Lewis, Kathleen Lovell, Albert Kandarian, Jr., Terri Pinto, Nancy Smith, Susan Greek, Carole Eastus, Frank and Helen Myers, Paula Prindle, Joan Fleming, Nancy Gatland, Kathleen Landis, Carol Hintze, Mary West, Bette Evans, Ann Burk, Bunny Kirwin, Ed Lifset, Bob Morton, Signe Haugen and Barbara Irwin.

Now, don’t forget. We want to hear from you. This magazine, different from others, isn’t dispensing pearls of wisdom, which you should be humbly grateful for, from the 60th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper. This one is, instead, a sharing medium.