Li River extravaganza

By Irwin Schatzman
This item appears on page 17 of the April 2014 issue.

The article “Ten Cities in 20 Days — A Delightful Custom Tour of China(Feb. ’14, pg. 18) was a delightful and informative article. It brought back wonderful memories of my trip to China in October ’12. However, I do take issue with Ms. Brandes’ decision, when in Yangzhou, to not experience the amazing spectacle “Impression, Sanjie Liu.”

This light show is performed in what is touted as “the world’s largest outdoor theater,” with the waters of the Li River as its stage and 12 mist-shrouded hills as the backdrop. It has a cast of more than 600 and depicts the daily life of people living around the river.

The performance is divided into seven chapters, with lights and color that will have you mesmerized, as the performers seem to be floating on the river. It’s directed by film director Zhang Yimou, the same man who directed the opening and closing shows for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

This show is the ONLY reason to stay in Yangzhou overnight! It’s a real treat and will be long remembered.


Scottsdale, AZ