Pedicure in Vietnam

By Cicely Lawson
This item appears on page 53 of the April 2014 issue.

I recall having a memorable pedicure while in Vietnam a few years ago. I was on a private tour of Southeast Asia with four ladies, and we were staying at the Life Resort Hotel (now called Anantara Hôi An Resort, 1 Pham Hong Thai St., Hôi An Town, Quang Nam Province, 10000 Vietnam; phone +84 510 391 4555. Suites may start from $185, $203 or $350).

The hotel was a large property with park-like grounds and individual deluxe cottage suites. Our stay was comfortable in the extreme. 

I went to the hotel’s spa for a pedicure and it was exceptional, in keeping with the general ambiance of the entire place. I have never had a pedicure while lying down, but that was how it was done, and it was unforgettable.

Hôi An’s Ancient Town is a charming UNESCO World Heritage Site with cobblestone streets, some of which have automobile restrictions, making walking and shopping a pleasure. We found inviting restaurants and enough sights to occupy a stay of a few days.

There were remnants of the Japanese occupation, including an old, still-usable covered bridge over the water. There was French-colonial architecture, and many buildings with historical significance were open to the public, including pagodas and ancient temples.

There also was a pearl farm in the waters near the town, and we ran across several pearl shops with attractive things for sale at good prices. 


Palm Desert, CA