Le Train Bleu

By Sally Kevers
This item appears on page 49 of the September 2016 issue.

This month’s winner is SALLY KEVERS of Roswell, Georgia:

Dining at the fabulous Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon station in Paris was on our bucket list for fall 2015. Since our TGV train would arrive at the rail station at 1:30 p.m., my husband and I had made lunch reservations.

In the station, since we had our luggage with us (a roller suitcase and a tote each), we asked for directions to the elevator up. We knew the restaurant had a special cloakroom just for luggage storage.  

“Out the main train station outside entrance and to the right,” we were told. 

Dutifully, we followed the instructions, unknowingly walking right by the unmarked, closed door that led to the proper elevator and soon coming to an open door with an elevator just inside. Even though it didn’t look quite right (not fancy enough), we took it because our reservation time was fast approaching.

This elevator opened up directly inside the kitchens of Le Train Bleu! Everyone got a good laugh — the surprised chefs, busboys, waiters and us. They motioned for us to come ahead, so we walked all the way through this madly chaotic, world-renowned kitchen pulling our luggage behind us. It may have been a first for them and it was definitely not the entrance we had planned.