Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

December 1969 Issue

Roman Theatre in Mérida, Spain

The building seen in our July 2016 mystery photo — known today as the Roman Theatre of Mérida — located in Mérida, Spain, was erected over 2,000 years ago in 16-15 BC, back when the city was known as Emerita Augusta (capital of the Roman province Lusitania).

More than a century later, the building was renovated and the current façade was added. Between AD 330 and 340, new decorative elements and a walkway were added. Over 1,500 years later, in the late 1800s, only the upper tiers of seats (the Seven Chairs) were still visible above layers of sediment.

Excavations began in 1910, and 50-60 years later the front stage was rebuilt. Since 1933, the theatre has been home to the annual, 7-week-long Mérida Classical Theatre Festival (in July-August).

Twenty-three correct answers were submitted, and LEE HANLE YOUNGE of Big Flats, New York, won the drawing. We thank Dave Bruels of Seattle, Washington, for submitting the photo.

Correct answers were submitted by:

Cathy Briner, Eugene, OR; Maria Cueto, Weehawken, NJ; David Emery, Reston, VA; Stanley Gorcik, Buffalo Grove, IL; Gerald Gould, Cumming, GA; Signe Haugen, San Carlos, CA; Mark Hayes, Chapel Hill, NC; Magali V. Hinojosa, Laredo, TX; Holly Izbicki, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Doranne Jacobson, Springfield, IL; Vella Kendall, Monkton, MD; George C. Kingston, East Longmeadow, MA; Sarah Kirtland, New York, NY; Jane Kolber, Bisbee, AZ; Clark Masters, Westborough, MA; Robert T. Pandolfo, Punta Gorda, FL; Donna Peterson, Patch Grove, WI; Raymond Prince, Maple Valley, WA; Paula Prindle, Orient, OH; Pamela Ross, Louisville, KY; Jill Sullivan, Waynesboro, VA; Gail Wang, Troy, MI; WINNER:  Lee Hanle Younge, Big Flats, NY.