Off! Deep Woods repellent

By Robert A. Siebert
This item appears on page 50 of the November 2017 issue.

In the September 2017 issue, the “Discerning Traveler” column had an article about avoiding the Zika virus, while the “Mindful Traveler” column mentioned insect repellents.

For the last several years, I’ve been using Off! Deep Woods®( aerosol repellent, which is highly regarded by Consumer Reports. The product contains 25% DEET and claims protection from mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. 

I’ll be taking a Caribbean cruise over the coming winter and will pack several of Off!’s half-ounce mini-pump sprays in my hand luggage. Although very expensive (just under $5 each), given their small size, these spray bottles are well within the TSA’s 3.4-ounce size limit and slip easily into unused spaces in the regulation-quart-size pouch of liquids in my carry-on.

Any insect repellent should be applied directly to exposed areas of your body, including your arms and legs. However, since contact with eyes is to be avoided, it would be much better to spray the repellent onto one of your hands in order to apply it to your face.

Jamaica, NY