Traveler’s power strip

By David Collins
This item appears on page 49 of the November 2017 issue.
The Simran SM-60 power strip has three universal outlets. Photo by David Collins

Mark Gallo’s article on adapter plugs (Aug. ’17, pg. 52) is the sort of reminder we all need about staying connected when we travel the world.

I’d like to add to that list of items another device that international travelers should carry with them: a Simran SM-60* power strip with three universal outlets and surge-overload protection.

The plug attached to the power strip is a USA type, so you’ll need an adapter plug to plug it into outlets in most other countries, but the three outlets on the power strip are “universal.” If you’re traveling in a location where the voltage is different than that used by your phone, computer or charger, you can plug your devices into the Simran SM-60, since the voltage range for the power strip is 110V-250V, and your electronic devices will be protected.

I have found that many international hotels have one outlet, or possibly two outlets, in a room. The SM-60 gives you three outlets from one. (My wife and I also find the SM-60 handy for travels here in the States when we both need to plug in our CPAP machines at night and there’s only one wall outlet open nearby.)

I have used the SM-60 on multiple business trips to Italy, and its small size lets me pack it easily, with no long cords to deal with.


Newbury Park, CA

* sells the Simran SM-60 for $18.95 and states the following in its description: “3 Universal grounded outlet extension set. Universal outlets accept plugs from any country except South Africa. Wired with three-pin grounded USA plug. Use up to three electronic devices at the same time.”