Horseback riding, Malawi

This item appears on page 53 of the February 2018 issue.

Located near the shores of Lake Malawi, Kande Horse (Box 22, Kande, Nkhata Bay South, Malawi; phone +265 888 500 416, offers three horseback-riding day trips suitable for any level of riding experience. 

On the “Bush Beach & Swim” tour (1 hour, $55; 2 hours, $70), riders take their horses through the Brachystegia forest surrounding the lodge to Lake Malawi, where the horses and riders have a chance to swim together, while the 1-hour “Forest Ride” ($45) visits only the forest. On a 45-minute “Childrens Forest Ride” ($25), after riding instructions, each horse and rider are hand-led through the forest.