OWNRIDES for drivers in Taiwan

By Neil Johnson
This item appears on page 27 of the February 2018 issue.

My wife and I spent Dec. 1-17, 2017, visiting Taiwan. We arranged our journey independently and traveled around the country using the excellent train and bus systems. However, to visit more out-of-the-way places or to combine multiple destinations into a single day trip, we wanted to hire a driver on some days. 

I came across a website called OWNRIDES.com, which helps travelers arrange for drivers throughout Taiwan. The website also provides suggested day-trip itineraries in various cities, but these are fully editable or a custom trip can be created. 

I used some of their suggested trips as is, but others I changed around by adding or deleting certain destinations, and for one day I created a custom itinerary. The website was easy to use for creating the day trips. 

We paid OWNRIDES a 10% fee in advance for each day trip, with the balance paid directly to each driver in cash upon completion. The fees we paid the drivers ranged from TWD3,600 to TWD4,500 (near $120-$150), depending upon the length of the day and the amount of driving required. 

We were very happy with the service provided by each driver and would highly recommend 

OWNRIDES.com to anybody looking to book a driver in Taiwan.


San Jose, CA