Supply and demand

By Col. Don Edmands, Jr.
This item appears on page 25 of the September 2020 issue.

This month’s winner is Col. DON EDMANDS, Jr., USAF (Ret), of Vonore, Tennessee:

During my Air Force career, I was sent to South Korea on an exercise. I was stationed at Osan Air Base near Seoul.

I wanted a pair of orange running shoes, so I went to the market in Seoul. Orange shoes turned out to be harder to find than I imagined. I finally ran across a pair in a small shop. The owner quoted me $30.

I went on down the street looking but didn’t find another orange pair, so I returned to the shop and said I wanted to buy the pair I had looked at. The shopkeeper now said, “$35.”

I said, “Wait a minute. It was $30 earlier.”

He replied, “You come back!”

I got a great laugh out of that one.


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