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What would you do if you got sick abroad or if your previously stable medical condition worsened abroad?

While much has been printed in ITN about travel health insurance, little has been written about the measures you should take proactively to get the best medical care when abroad. Below, I will indicate these measures.

Parts of the following information have been paraphrased from and other CDC sites. I purposely have omitted information about...


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Last month, I described etiquette in various European countries. This month, I cover etiquette in a few more countries.


Italians are guided by first impressions, so it is essential to demonstrate good manners when greeting people.

Do not wrap gifts in black, as it is traditionally a mourning color. Also, don’t wrap them in purple, as that is a symbol of bad luck.

If invited to an Italian’s house...

The dos and don’ts of etiquette in selected European countries (1 of 2)
Who should you tip and how much? A worldwide gratuity guideline (this month, countries outside of Europe and the US) (2 of 2)
Who should you tip and how much? A guideline on gratuities worldwide (this month, Europe) (1 of 2)

In June 2012, I slowly chauffeured our leased Peugeot on a one-lane road through the majestic scenery of the Provence in southern France. As I drove, I thought I should share with ITN readers how my wife, Flory (who passed away last year), and I journeyed 4,000 miles by car from the Netherlands to the Côte d’Azur and back, all at the age of 87. 

Despite our difficulty walking and Flory’s needing to use a rollator, a 4-wheeled walker, which usually has a platform on...

Anecdotes from 65 years of travel (3 of 3)
Anecdotes from 65 years of travel (2 of 3)