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One of the sources I check when I’m researching a destination is Global Greeter Network (www.globalgreeternetwork.info). 

Available in nearly two dozen countries, Greeters are volunteers who each give free 2-hour tours of their city, taking visitors to parks and lesser-known neighborhoods or shopping. Greeters are not professional guides, so they do not take their guests to museums. 

My husband, John, and I signed up several weeks in advance to take a Greeter...

TOP: Olvin with a typical Honduran breakfast. MIDDLE: Huevos Rancheros ingredients at the ready. BOTTOM: Eggs cooking in the sauce. Photos by Sandra Scott

I love jungle waterfalls and have played in many a pool at the bottom of a cascade. For a visit my husband, John, and I made to Honduras in June 2014, there was one place I particularly wanted to stay because of its location at the foot of a fall on the Bejuco River. It was Las Cascadas Lodge (Km. 6 Carretera a Yaruca, La Ceiba, Honduras; phone [504] 9923 6237 or, the Florida office, 352/385-7555, www.lascascadaslodge.com). 

The 3-room, boutique lodge lies east of La Ceiba at...

Garnishing the Shrimp & Rice Vermicelli Soup.

Macau (originally spelled “Ma­cao”) was the last of the Portuguese colonies. On Dec. 20, 1999, after being administered by Portugal for 442 years, Macau was returned to Chinese governance. Today it is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. 

The Chinese government has a policy of “one country, two systems,” so Macau is administered by the Macanese people and retains its capitalistic system — similar to Hong Kong...

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Ingredients for the Korean dish Mushroom Japchae.
Seoul, South Korea: Mushroom Japchae
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