This is the September 2013 issue

Travelers' Intercom

Sights in Ghent, Belgium
By Nancy Norberg
Appears on Page 16
Argentina with Merlin Viajes
By Susan Purcell
Appears on Page 28
Leave it labeled
By Ed Gorlin
Appears on Page 50
Spain’s El Corte Inglés stores
By Samantha Sartain
Appears on Page 51
A polar bear
A creamy lump of Arctic snow
Appears on Page 73


How airlines rank in seat availability, plus low-cost airlines and long-haul flights
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 2
Ponds were created in the natural indentations of granite boulders — Abkhazi Garden.
Abkhazi Garden, Victoria, BC, Canada
The Garden Path

By Yvonne Horn
Appears on Page 58
Smart travelers stay oriented, but in scenic cities such as Venice it’s fun to get lost. Photo by Dominic Bonuccelli
Getting oriented
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 60
Inner courtyard at Muiden Castle — the Netherlands. Photos: Skurdenis
A day in the Dutch countryside
Focus on Archaeology

By Julie Skurdenis
Appears on Page 61
An aerial view of Aruba's busy Palm Beach.
¡Arriba, Aruba!
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 63

Funniest Thing

Interpreting the signs
Appears on Page 51

Where in the World? Correct Answers