Benefits curtailed

By Wayne Wirtanen
This item appears on page 12 of the February 1992 issue.

The Gold MasterCard overseas MasterAssist Medical Protection program has canceled the outstand­ing benefits for overseas travelers as described in the article “Selecting Travel Health Insurance” (ITN, May ‘91, pg. 64).

This cancellation is effective Jan. 1, 1992. Benefits now are essentially ones providing “referrals” and other “assistance.”

The provisions in effect through 1991 supplied no-extra-cost health insurance, medically required trans­portation to cardholders’ home cities and several other benefits not avail­able through other credit cards.

For me, they’ve lost their competi­tive advantage. I’m going to cancel and tell them why.

If you wish to comment regarding this reduction in overseas medical coverage, call your Gold Master­Card’s customer-service 800 number and/or 1-800/MC-ASSIST and drop a line to Steve Apesos, MasterCard, 888 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10526.