Barcelona sightseeing

To sightsee Barcelona, I recommend the Bus Turistic. Run by the local transit authority, it is a 25-stop bus route featuring both a north and south loop. A multilingual tour guide is aboard each bus.

One- and 2-day tickets are available at €15 and €19 (near $17.50 and $22). They can be purchased at the Playa de Catalunya in the heart of the city. A 6-language guidebook is provided as well.

Facilitating planning a tour, brochures are available all over the place showing the routes and stops.

On our September ’03 visit we had only a one-day pass, but we would definitely recommend the 2-day pass, which would allow enough time to get off and enjoy the major attractions without being rushed.

There is an English-language website for Barcelona Bus Turistic; log on to

Kinnelon, NJ