Cash up front

In a letter in the December ’03 issue, page 78, a reader was “shocked” to learn of Turkey’s $100 visa fee and thought to cancel her trip when she did learn of it. It is truly “penny wise and pound foolish” to miss a trip to one of the world’s interesting countries, one with nice people, because of $100.

The reader might consider how much the U.S. charges citizens of Turkey to enter our country. Yes, that’s right: $100!

Moreover, Turkey is not alone in this. Chile, for example, admits U.S. citizens for $100 paid at the airport. Reciprocity is not robbery.

Sun City, CA

Reciprocal fees

A recent Travelers’ Intercom writer was shocked to find that Turkey’s visa fee for U.S. citizens is a super-high $100. We just applied for a Brazil visa, which costs $110. A statement on the application said the fee had been raised to the same level as the fee for a visa to enter the U.S. Thank your own government for high visa fees!

Altamont, IL