Guides in Romania

My wife and I spent four days in Romania with a local guide at the end of October ’03. In addition to seeing Bucharest, we traveled into the mountains and saw the wonders of Sighisoara, Brasov and Sinaia, plus some wonderful villages still not overrun with tourists.

Our guide found us fantastic lodgings in bed-and-breakfast homes which averaged about $14 per night. Romania is still one of the cheapest places on Earth. Great meals could be had in Bucharest for under $20 a couple, including multiple courses and a bottle of wine.

I really recommend seeing this country with Sylvia or Carmen Radu. I read about them in the August ’01 issue of ITN, page 17. These delightful twin sisters speak excellent English and have a real knowledge of and love for their country.

If one of them is not available, chances are the other will be. They charge only $15 a day and are willing to use their own car for tours. Both Sylvia and Carmen Radu can be reached via the following e-mail:

It was quite cold in the mountains during October. The shoulder seasons of late spring or early fall would be a perfect time. If you have any questions about the itinerary my wife and I took or anything else, I respond to all e-mails sent c/o ITN.

Scottsdale, AZ