Guide in Romania

We did a couple of tours of Romania with a young guide, Cristian Florea (Crif Tours, Strad Aleea Valea Viilor Nr. 2, Bloc. A53, Ap. 46, Sector 6, Bucuresti 77409, Romania; phone/fax 444 01 64, e-mail or visit

His English is flawless, he is extremely knowledgeable and he can take you to some very unusual areas. I contacted several people he gave as references and all spoke very highly of him.

In May ’03, Cris drove four of us in a van for 11 or 12 days for about $1,200 each, including our hotels (the best available), breakfasts and entry fees. This was a wonderful trip all the way up north to the border.

My family is planning a trip to Romania to look up our roots. In June ’03 in Bucharest at the end of a cruise, Cris drove the two of us as we did research for this trip, locating the villages in which my parents were born; we never would have found them on our own. The day trip cost us $200, and this was a 12- or 13-hour day.

Cris can customize any tour you may want. I was so very pleased with him that we have now scheduled our 2004 family trip with him.

Now is the time to do Romania, before it becomes too touristy and while prices for meals and hotels are very reasonable.

Seattle, WA