Artwork in Thailand

For travelers who have extra time in Bangkok, Thailand, I’d like to pass along a wonderful shopping contact. If you’re looking to have something framed and are tired of paying “more for the frame than the artwork,” contact Thai Thong Art Gallery (1346 New Road, Bangkok; e-mail, owned by Ajit and Malee Jittibophit.

Their prices are very reasonable. A few years ago I had 10 small textiles from the gallery framed and shipped by Federal Express for about $500 (including the frames and the shipping costs), and everything arrived in perfect condition.

If the piece is small, the store can have it properly wrapped for you to take as a hand-carry. They also have an extensive and impressive collection of artwork, including Nagaland jewelry and textiles (from the Nagas of the northeast frontier of India), Laotian textiles and objects of art that are unique.

KATHLEEN ZURICH FUNG, Far Fung Places, 1914 Fell St., San Francisco, CA 94117