Frequent-flyer mileage scam?

Those of you with American Airlines frequent-flyer miles should watch for a possible scam coming through by e-mail. The message states that American Airlines AAdvantage is having difficulty posting miles due to an incorrect AAdvantage number. The recipient is to reply to the e-mail address — but it is not an American Airlines address.

I foolishly opened the e-mail, but I did not reply.

I called American Airlines to inform them of this. The representative said it would be reported to their security department.

Fullerton, CA

Editor’s note: If a company sends an e-mail TO YOU and asks for your account number, it is most likely that a fraud is involved. Companies with which you are doing business should already have your account number. Of course, if YOU call THEM, they may need to ask for an account number in the course of verifying your authority to access the account.