Chimps in the wild

At Kibaale National Park in western Uganda, near the municipality of Fort Portal, visitors can join a guided trip to observe chimpanzees in the wild. For groups of, currently, not more than four members per day, the primates’ denesting in the morning and the nesting in the late afternoon can be observed at close quarters.

The special guided trip commences at 5:00 in the morning and ends as late as 9 at night, offering complete insight into the primates’ behavior from daybreak until nightfall.

The cost per day is $125 per person, with food and extras excluded. A 5-day venture costs, at present, $500 per person. Accommodation is available in community bandas at Kibaale Forest park headquarters and also at a private tented camp nearby.

While there, consider a visit to the Semliki Game Reserve and to Ndali Safari Lodge. The Rwenzori Mountains, aka Mountains of the Moon, are also nearby.

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