Lufthansa innovations

Taking Web surfing to new heights, Lufthansa soon will offer its passengers aboard jumbo jets the opportunity to browse the Internet and access their e-mail with FlyNet. Anything that can be accomplished over the Internet on the ground with a wireless laptop, passengers will be able to do at 30,000 feet.

FlyNet, the first commercially available wireless Internet and Intranet service, will be available in all cabin classes. Passengers will pay a flat fee of $30 for unlimited access during a flight. There will be a pay-per-minute option where the first 30 minutes will cost $10.

Lufthansa is also introducing into business class the new ergonomically designed PrivateBed, which features a stress-relieving massage function as well as assorted sitting and reclining positions. The flat-bed sleeping position measures 6.6 feet, the longest in its class.

Lufthansa estimates that it will take 12 to 18 months until all overseas flights are equipped with the new amenities. Call Lufthansa at 800/645-3880 or visit