Calling on IsCard

This is a follow-up to my letter in the February ’05 issue, page 16, regarding making phone calls through Iscom, Inc.

While calls can be made with the IsCard FROM the U.S. to Austria (Country Code 43) at the rate of nine cents per minute from a regular phone and 49¢ on a mobile phone, Austria is not listed as a country from which to call TO the USA, although at least 50 such countries are listed. Per-minute rates may change and can be found at, or call 212/324-1100.

Also, regardless of which card one possesses, there are always charges for the use of a pay phone. I became very aware of these charges when my son was working as a sales representative.

In addition, like death, applicable taxes cannot be avoided, and they do apply to all modes of calling, without distinction.

San Rafael, CA