Pleased with global phone

A discovery! I purchased a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone for a trip to Egypt/Jordan in November ’04. Although there was no need for lengthy conversations with my progeny, I did feel a need for a phone should a crisis of some kind occur.

This phone is a winner. It cost $49 (I believe $52 with tax) and works in 130 countries but not the U.S. There are no minimums, fees or service charges. You pay only for the calls you make.

In my view, this GSM is head and shoulders above phone cards. What a luxury to be on a ship going down the Nile and be able to to make a call (clearly heard on both ends). The rate from Egypt was $2.95 a minute.

Information on this phone can be found at If you click on “Mobal GSM SIM CARD user guide,” you will find detailed information about the handset.

Mary Ramniceanu
New York, NY