Luggage locks cut

I obtained through the TravelSmith catalog (800/950-1600 or two TSA-approved luggage locks with the red TSA-approved logo plainly visible on them. On Nov. 20, ’04, at the end of a trip, I boarded LanChile flight No. 500 from Santiago to Miami. Since I had been forewarned that many foreign countries were not familiar with these locks, I did NOT lock my bag for the flight.

After picking up my luggage in Miami, I passed through Customs and then locked my checked bags with the two TSA-approved locks for my ongoing flights. I flew American Airlines flight 1578 to Atlanta and connected to Delta flight 4445 to Knoxville, Tennessee.

When I retrieved my checked bag in Knoxville, it was the first time I had seen the bag since going through Customs in Miami. One of the two locks was missing and the other had been cut and was inside the bag and taped to the TSA form stating that they were unable to open the bag for inspection because it was locked.

I immediately spoke to the TSA representative in Knoxville. I showed him the cut lock and he gave me the information for contacting the TSA. I printed out the claim form from the Transportation Security Administration website, filed a claim immediately and that was the last I heard.

Pleasant Hill, TN