Rothschild Safaris

I read with great interest Nili Olay’s article on her South Africa trip (Jan. ’05, pg. 36) arranged by Leora Rothschild of Rothschild Safaris USA (1685 S. Colorado Blvd. #197, Denver, CO 80222; phone 800/405-9463 or visit www.rothschildsafaris. com).

I was not at all surprised at her delight in Leora’s excellent suggestions and arrangements. My husband I have traveled to Africa twice on trips organized and arranged by Leora according to our specific requirements, and we were thrilled with her excellence in every aspect of each trip. Her thoroughness and attention to detail were apparent every step of the way.

Each trip was over three weeks, with much variety — mostly safaris but also some city stays as well as secluded resorts. Our trip in September-October ’03 was to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana and we paid approximately $15,000 per person, and a trip in 2000 was to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar at $10,000 each. These prices included all air travel and guides.

Never once were we not met as planned or were the connections incorrect, nor were there the myriad other types of frustrations that can irritate or even ruin a trip. Leora goes to Africa every year and would not send her clients to any place she has not personally visited.

She is the only agent I have ever heard of who gives you a phone number where you can reach her 24/7! We had occasion to call her once on a Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. (her time) and she was as gracious and helpful as if it had been the middle of the day. That is what I call extraordinary service.

I recommend her very highly to anyone thinking of going to Africa.


Carmichael, CA