Speeding up security checks

In response to the request for suggestions on how to make airport security lines move along quicker (Nov. ’04, pg. 4), here are some that I have found useful:

Think about what you will need to do in advance. Arriving at the checkpoint and then acting surprised at the security requests is unnecessary unless you are a first-time traveler.

Read the signs and do a mental check to ensure you are not carrying any forbidden items on your person or in your hand luggage.

Especially for international travel, keep any medications in their original bottles.

Ask the first security person (the one who checks your I.D. and boarding pass) if they are requiring everyone to take off their shoes. Whether they are checking all shoes or not, wear slip-on shoes.

Take off your jacket while you are waiting in line.

Avoid wearing a belt (or wear one that unclasps easily) and take it off while you are waiting in line.

Avoid jewelry unless you know that it will not set off the alarms, or take it off while you are in line.

Carry a large zip-lock bag and put all pocket contents, jewelry and your belt in the bag while waiting in line (this also helps to keep everything together in the trays and lets you move quickly out of the way of those following you).

If you are asking for a hand-check of film, have it out of the canisters and in a clear zip-lock bag.

Idaho Falls, ID