Better rate for large bills

While my wife, Joan, and I were in Thailand in February ’05, our guide told us that as of that month, all Thai banks charge a fee of 33 baht (near 87¢ U.S.) for each travelers’ check cashed, so it’s cheaper to carry 100-dollar checks than 20-dollar checks.

For example, one bank with an exchange rate of 38.29 baht per dollar charged us a fee of 5 x 33 = 165 baht when we cashed five 20-dollar travelers’ checks. That’s a fee of 4.31%. If I had cashed one 100-dollar check instead, the 33-baht fee would have been only 0.86%.

You should carry larger denominations not only of travelers’ checks but of U.S. cash too. The posted rate was usually better for larger bills than for smaller ones.

Tucson, AZ