Call for airport-ship/hotel transport

As avid travelers, we have been to over 100 countries. We love to cruise, and there is one thing we have a hard time finding good information about: how to get from the airport to the cruise port in an economical manner.

Since we purchase our own airfare, we do not have this transportation included in our cruise ticket, and we find the fees that the cruise lines charge to be exorbitant! Also, the local taxi companies seem to up the price significantly compared to the standard taxi rate for the same distance. If we could find a book that contained specific information, we would surely purchase it.

We have found a site online which contains information for the larger ports, but it is sparse, at best. If you travel fairly light and are willing to take the public transportation, using this website can often save you a considerable amount of money getting to the city center (or even to your specific hotel) or to the cruise port. Log on to www.airporttransit

Since it is online, it is reasonably up to date. We have used this website many times in the past for our foreign (and domestic) travels, and even if the prices are not always accurate, it gives us different options for getting to our final destination and can be very helpful.

Maybe there are other travelers out there who would like to have more information on this subject. If we all pooled our individual experiences, we could get from just about any airport to the cruise port for a reasonable price.

It is not that we mind paying for what we get, we just don’t like to be gouged, and this is an area where there is plenty of gouging going on.

McDonough, GA

ITN will print readers’ specific transport suggestions. Write to Airport-Ship/Hotel Transport, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, or e-mail editor@intltravel (please include the address at which you receive ITN).