CDG Airport auto return

I read about the reader’s frustration in trying to find the rental car return location at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle International (Sept. ’05, pg. 46). I picked up a car and returned it there in late September ’05, and I found that if you watch the signs, it is not at all difficult.

I arrived and departed from Terminal 2, Hall F. It was very easy leaving, and on returning I just followed the signs for “Terminal 2” and “F.” You actually reach a circle where, should you miss the turn down, you can keep on the circle until you see the proper exit. There are many places to pull off and rethink!

The problem for most is that they know they need to go down, but they are looking on the right side. It is not on the right side. It is on the left; watch for “Location de voitures” (“Hiring of cars”). The signs all have a car pictured on them. You just have to look closely.

I took it very slow, pulled over several times and just looked for that sign. Next time, it will be a real breeze for me!

JOAN GRACE, Asheville, NC