Angkor Wat worth the climbing

When we toured Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, we first spent an entire afternoon in the temple complex. Later, we went to see the sunset on a famous hill. You can climb the hill up a very rough, rocky (actually boulders) path or take an elephant ride up.

The sunset was something I have not seen the like of anywhere else in the scores of countries I have traveled. Take good film to capture this phenomenon, and go early; it gets very packed up there!

We were also told not to miss the sunrise at Angkor Wat, so the next morning we were up and out by 5:30 to be picked up by our drivers. We saw some women monks and even talked to some male monks (we had learned that in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, monks usually aren’t comfortable talking to women). Early morning presented a great opportunity to see local people.

Everywhere you go in Angkor Wat, you will climb. Take plenty of water along and lots of film. Buy film before you leave; it’s expensive in-country.

Livermore, CA