Oompah-pah in Munich

From left: Judy, Doug, Jack and Carol in Munich’s Hofbrauhaus.

My wife, Judy, and I traveled to Europe with our friends Carol and Jack McClure in September ’04, renting a car. Heading into Munich, we had great directions and drove right to the Marienplatz area. We got there in time for the noon show at the Radhaus. Life-sized figures on the clock perform at noon every day as hundreds watch. We walked all around the Mariensplatz and went in two old churches, St Peter’s and the Frauenkirke.

Our next stop was for lunch in the Hofbrauhaus, Munich’s famous beer hall dating back to 1589. We had a great table right near a 3-piece orchestra that played lovely music. The Wiener schnitzel was very good here, and beer was served in large, one-liter steins.

After lunch, we went upstairs to a huge beer hall with an oompah band. Since this is my style of music, I was in my glory. It was a great way to end another wonderful day in Bavaria.


Siesta Key, FL