Restaurant in Bratislava

In the main shopping and tourist area of Bratislava, a fun restaurant with great regional Slovakian dishes is Staroslovenska Krema (Michalska ul. 14-16, Bratislava, Slovakia; visit www From a billboard outside, proceed downstairs into a large, multivaulted dining area with long tables in medieval décor.

I got a huge helping of best-ever, melt-in-the-mouth Wiener schnitzel with fresh veggies, and my wife had delicious “Princess” chicken with peaches. We also shared a huge plate of bryndzové halus’ky, a traditional treat of small potato dumplings, bacon bits and goat cheese. Including one glass of excellent house wine, the two of us paid about $32 in December ’05. Arrive hungry!

New Braunfels, TX