Normandy Safaris

For our trip to Normandy, France, in May-June ’04, we wanted to have one base for our 5-night/6-day stay plus a guide who would provide transportation and be familiar with the area. Martin Reeve’s Normandy Safaris (57 Raley Rd., Locks Heath, Southampton S031 6PB, England; phone 01489-576081 or visit provided a perfect match for our requirements.

Martin Reeve proved to be well informed and an excellent driver. He takes no more than six adults in a very comfortable minibus.

Our day tours included the D-Day beaches, several D-Day museums, the American cemetery at Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc. We also visited the Bayeux Tapestry and Monet’s Garden at Giverney. Other highlights included the castle of William the Conquerer in Falaise and the historic castle at les Andelys. The trip to Mont-Saint-Michel went through Domfront, a very pleasant and very typical Normandy town.

One great advantage of using a guide (apart from not having to drive and navigate) was that Mr. Reeve provided a detailed and running commentary on the sights plus an in-depth discussion of the history that led up to various events.

When the weather was good, which it was during most of our trip, the group purchased bread, cheese, ham, wine, etc., in a local supermarché and had a picnic lunch, generally in a secluded spot with outstanding views. Plates, silverware, blankets, etc., were provided. In the evenings we would have dinner in a brasserie or farm restaurant on our way back to the B&B.

We were sorry to leave after such a pleasant and informative trip. On the last day, we all had lunch in Honfleur, a picture-perfect ancient port at the mouth of the Seine. None of us could think of a more pleasant and convenient way to see and learn about Normandy, and we thanked our lucky stars for finding Martin Reeve and his special tours of Normandy.

R.A.H. Goodfellow
Carmichael, CA