Solution for crying babies

Regarding the “screaming infant on a flight” (Nov. ’06, pg. 30), the problem should have been referred to a pediatric physician, not an airline customer relations executive or legal officer.

“Dr.” Mueden prescribes a whiskey or gin tit — an age-old remedy, not my invention. Soak a piece of cloth in a sugar, water and gin or whiskey mixture and let the child suck. I have heard that it is magical and brings relief to all within earshot.

Airlines would put themselves at risk if they offered this service or advice, but they might require those in charge of a small child to carry with them a suitable substitute prescribed by a physician. The threat of a substantial penalty for failure to comply should be enforced.

Perhaps earplugs for all should be carried too. Would noise-canceling earphones help here? Or perhaps free drinks for all, paid for by the parent?

New York, NY