Down in front!

I am curious to find out if any other travelers feel the same way that I do regarding this subject.

Since when have the hosts of travelogues aired on television gotten it into their heads that we are more interested in them and their personalities than the places they are presenting to us?

I thought that the object of a travel program was to show us a beautiful country or a very interesting city so that we might think about visiting it or, if we have visited that place, bring back memories of a visit.

The programs with the worst offenders, in my humble opinion, are (in this order) “Rick Steves’ Europe,” “Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown,” “Smart Travels: Europe with Rudy Maxa,” “Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions” and “Globe Trekker.”

My suggestion to the presenters is to get out of the picture and let us enjoy more of each landscape and city. We know what you look like and we do not need you popping up every two or three seconds blocking some lovely or interesting view.

Your verbal commentaries are most welcome, but you are not, so — except maybe for the introduction and closing com­mentary — please stay out of the picture.


Hollywood, CA