Lhasa dining oasis

Having traveled to Lhasa, Tibet, Oct. 10-17, 2006, I can recommend very highly the Lhasa Namaste Restaurant (Yutoklu No 30; phone 0891-6324669 or e-mail jampa22@hotmail.com). It’s on the second floor, near the theater hall and at the opposite end of Jokhang Temple within the Barkhor market.

The owner is the charming, young Mr. Jampa. The staff speaks English well and is very, very friendly. With good views overlooking the Barkhor market, the restaurant is very clean and serves excellent food, with a great variety of offerings. One dinner for all three of us would cost less than $20. Lunch was about $5 per person.

For our little group, it soon became the meeting place and our favorite place to eat lunch or dinner. The staff would immediately recognize us and say, for example, “We have fresh apple pie hot from the oven with ice cream.” Of course, we had to oblige them! We always felt at home and so welcome there.

Something even more practical about this restaurant — the rest rooms are wonderful! Of international standard, they are clean and fresh-smelling and, as those who know Tibet and China will appreciate, they have commodes with seats and plenty of paper.

We would, when necessary, drop in to use the rest rooms. We would always be greeted with smiles and questions as to when we would be back to eat. Do not laugh; such places can be like oases in the desert.


South Bend, IN