Penguins in Africa

Why go to Boulders Beach, south of Cape Town, South Africa? To see the African penguins, of course. Formerly called jackass penguins (for their donkey-like braying), they are native to South Africa, and this beach is one of their three breeding grounds.

After a not-so-short walk from the parking lot, we were able to walk down the raised paths to see them. And there were lots of them during our trip in late July ’05.

These penguins mate for life and we saw many pairs, some with young of varying ages and a few sitting on eggs in their nests. Since they felt safe, we were able to view them acting naturally, strutting around, walking single file, napping, etc.

We had to tear ourselves away in order to get back to town before dark. Cape Town is relatively safe during the day, but it isn’t a good idea for anyone to be out after dark. Besides, we had a dinner date.


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