Pepto-Bismol seems to help

I’d like to second the recommendation made by Dina Fulmer in the letter titled “Fending Off Diarrhea” (Aug. ’06, pg. 85). When I was preparing for a trip to Guatemala in 1998, the group leader suggested Pepto-Bismol tablets (which don’t turn your tongue black; the chewables do that!) to prevent stomach disorders. I’ve taken them ever since, on trips to Guatemala, India, Cambodia, Africa and China, among other places, and have never had a serious problem with traveler’s diarrhea.

I agree with ITN’s Dr. Wagenaar: it isn’t needed in Western Europe. But if you are going to any third-world country it’s definitely worth doing.

I take one tablet after each meal and another at bedtime, if I remember it.


Portland, OR