100s questioned

I read the reader’s letter “Exchanging Money Abroad” (Jan. ’07, pg. 17) and have an experience to share. I was in Normandy, France, in March ’06 and tried to change a newer (not torn or anything) 100-dollar bill for euros. I went to several places in Caen and nobody would take the bill.

Finally, someone who was fluent in English told me that there were too many counterfeit hundreds around and they would be glad to take 50s or 20s but not 100s. Or if they did take them, they would send them off and I could get the euros a week later. I was told there was no problem in Paris, however.

This was one time I wished I had taken some travelers’ checks or had a good/cheap ATM method. I think taking an ATM card or Visa card (where you have paid extra on the account before leaving) is the best idea.


Austin, TX