Motorhome tour in Europe

We traveled on a 30-day guided motorhome tour from Germany to Switzerland, Austria and Italy, May 1-30, ’06, with European Motorhome Tours, or EMT (PMB C 9813, 3590 Round Bottom Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45244-3026; 520/205-0841,

This is a unique and convenient way to see European sights. We had to unpack and pack only once, and we met interesting people of many nationalities at various markets and campgrounds.

An experienced European wagonmaster couple guided our little caravan of eight motorhomes. They were in front of us in their own RV and were in visual and radio contact with us during the entire tour.

Not including airfare, the price was $5,990 per person with two in an RV. This included one night in a hotel at the beginning of the tour, one night in a hotel at the end, all campground fees, a fully equipped rental motorhome, several meals in excellent restaurants, the wagonmaster couple, sightseeing tours with private local guides, entrance fees (to museums, for example), road tolls, maps and detailed trip logs and much entertainment, such as folklore shows.


Paradise Valley, AZ